Carson McRae
Carson McRae has been a lifelong resident of Fauquier County, Virginia. He lives in Warrenton with his wife (and cat) and specializes in real estate photography, small weddings and other life celebrations, portraits and videography.
Carson studied music at James Madison University before turning from musical to visual arts. In 2014, he began providing compelling photographs for hundreds of real estate agents in Northern Virginia. He was the most requested photographer for a large real estate marketing firm, but found producing a quota of images in a few hours was incompatible with producing quality, attention-getting photographs. He used that time to fine-tune his technique and opened McRae Visual Media in 2019.
“In our real estate photography, we strive for a perfect balance of dramatic and realistic. By compositing multiple images with different lighting, we are able to capture the natural lighting of the space while bringing out shadows and maximizing window views.
"Some real estate photography is formulaic, using the same techniques and shooting from similar angles for each space. At McRae Visual Media, we believe that each space is different – whether it’s a half bathroom in an old farmhouse or a modern gourmet kitchen. Each requires its own perspective. It is important to take the time necessary to capture its natural assets, resulting in a multi-dimensional, striking photograph that will garner the home or apartment attention from potential buyers.”
Carson’s personal interest in landscape photography informs his images of outdoor spaces as well. His experience allows him to capture an intimate outdoor pool space or a sweeping view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from a backyard porch. Cleverly lit night shots, taken at twilight, provide their own special brand of drama.
Carson's inclination toward photojournalism is applicable to weddings and other events; his style is to shoot for a more natural aesthetic. His photographs focus on the action that happens in the off-moments. When no one is posing for the camera, that’s where the magic happens. He’ll photograph the bride and groom walking resplendent down the aisle, but he’ll also find the flower girl dancing in a ray of sunlight when no one else is looking.
Carson’s training in the auditory and visual arts have led him more recently to expand into videography. He has created videos for large and small businesses and for small weddings. He takes a painstaking approach to the final production and his customers have all been delighted with the results.
Carson’s laid-back personality makes him a pleasure to work with; his precision when it comes to his art results in quality work. His customers appreciate his dependable work ethic and his quick turnaround times in addition to his beautiful photographs.